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Most babies that are smaller than expected will be healthy. In some cases, you may need to give birth earlier than expected. FGR can happen when the placenta is not working well enough to provide the baby with the nutrients they need to grow normally. If your baby has FGR, there is an increased risk of complications in pregnancy. Sadly, this can include stillbirth. They will also talk to you about the best time for you to give birth. This is likely to be earlier than your due date. Being born early and small can also lead to complications after birth. This includes a higher risk of high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, type 2 diabetes and thyroid disease in later life.

Fetal growth restriction (Intrauterine growth restriction)

You only need to accept once and can find out how we use cookies by clicking the link – Learn more. The Outpatients Department at Basildon University Hospital is closed for blood tests due to the current coronavirus pandemic. To book your blood test please book online at www. For all blood tests in the Basildon, Thurrock, Grays and Tilbury areas please book your blood test appointment at either:. Appointments can be booked online now at www.

To ensure social distancing we request you do not arrive earlier than five minutes before your appointment time.

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At Window to the Womb Witham, Essex, we offer a range of diagnostic, private ultrasound scans for every stage of pregnancy. Our goal is to ensure your family feel safe during your experience and we will always put the well-being of mum and baby first. Our clinic staff undergo extensive training and will be on-hand to answer any of your family’s pregnancy questions.

Our specialist Sonographers use the latest in private ultrasound technology and we have close relationships with local NHS hospitals – to ensure you have on-going care if needed. Our baby scan clinic accommodates up to 7 additional guests excluding mum, with large viewing screens to guarantee you an all-inclusive baby scan experience. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch. Amy and her team look forward to welcoming you.

Cancer patient wins hospital payout over flesh-eating bug

Online Booking. The first few weeks are a time of tremendous excitement; and the 12 week pregnancy scan can feel like a lifetime away. At your private early reassurance scan you can also gain insight into how many weeks pregnant you are, and how well everything is progressing. Read more about bleeding in early pregnancy here. This is an important point for consideration hence why at The Scan Clinic you will always be seen by an expert who has vast expertise and experience in the field of medical ultrasound.

These sound waves are at a frequency which cannot be heard by the human ear but when they bounce off different parts of the body, create echoes that are picked up by the probe and turned into a moving image.

Hey Baby 4D Southend provide a variety of baby scanning packages for all stages of your pregnancy, such as 4D Baby Scans and gender scans.

A cancer patient has successfully sued an Essex hospital after he lost most of his penis to a flesh-eating superbug. Andrew Lane, 63, contracted the infection necrotising fasciitis while undergoing an operation to have his prostate gland removed at Southend Hospital. His lawyers said his bowel was punctured during the procedure, which led to the infection, with staff noticing the injury six days later. According to NHS England , necrotising faciitis is a rare but serious condition that releases toxins which damage nearby tissue causing swelling and blisters.

If left untreated it could lead to sepsis — which can be fatal. He can no longer have sex, is incontinent and has been treated for depression following the life-changing operation. He also had to use a catheter and a colostomy bag for two years after the operation in I know Sue still loves me, but I do feel less of a man.

Ultrasound scan

Screening tests are used to find people at higher chance of a health problem. This means they can get earlier, potentially more effective treatment, or make informed decisions about their health. It can be helpful to imagine screening like putting people through a sieve. Most people pass straight through but a small number get caught in the sieve.

I am worried about coming into the hospital for my appointments The date will be decided based on the clinical situation and will not be.

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Please remember that you should attend alone for any appointment at the hospital, unless you need a carer or are a child patient. All outpatients and anyone attending the hospital should wear a face covering at all times when in the hospital building. Patient visiting has been reinstated on some wards, with conditions.

Ultrasound appointments are by referral only. If you have been referred by your doctor, please bring your referral letter with you to your appointment. When you attend hospital with pain or bleeding in early pregnancy, we understand that you are anxious and worried about whether or not your pregnancy will continue. We want to support you during this stressful and worrying time and are here to listen and advise you.

Once we have discussed your individual situation and obtained a history of all your relevant medical information, we are then able to plan your further assessment and treatment with you. Ultrasound scans, done before 12 weeks, are usually internal vaginal as they give us a clearer, more defined image enabling an accurate diagnosis. This is a safe procedure which should not be painful. You will be asked to empty your bladder for transvaginal scans. Scans are performed by Nurse practitioner or equivalent.

There is no doctor routinely present in EPAC. Many women attend hospital expecting to have an ultrasound scan.

Blood tests

Peace of mind from as early as 6 weeks. Determine the gender of your baby. See your miracle with a free 4D preview. Bond with your baby in stunning 4D.

Visit now for the Baby Scan Studio, Ultrasound Bff 4D Baby Scans, Express Southend Hospital on YouTube a third for adult mums-to-be to weeks of.

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12 week baby scan